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Did you accomplish the goals you set on January 1, 2019?

 It's okay. Most people didn't. That's partly because we somehow think because the year is different, we'll be different. Most of our New Year's resolutions are New Year's hopes because we don't have a real plan to change ourselves

In lieu of our signature event LifeCheck 2020, this year I'm hosting monthly classes that will provide new tools for your personal development toolbox. 

These classes are going to teach you how to combat your greatest enemy: YOU 

Some of the topics will include: 

  • The Process of Change 
  • Acting Your Identity 
  • The Gift of Bullet Journaling 
  • The Power of Intentional Language 
  • The Systems of Success

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Meet Brandi  

Brandi Hawthorne is a growth & solutions feign. Wading in problems, surface relationships & staying inside the box have never been her thing. When she first heard of coaching years prior, she took a look at her life and said, "Yeah, right." But, God doesn't ask what you think before He calls you to a task. So, when Holly Gerth wrote, "What is your God-sized dream?" and coaching women to live their desires came flooding in, Brandi didn't run for higher ground. She's been swimming in the personal development waters for 8 years as a blogger, facilitator, magazine contributor, and a personal & executive coach. She considers it a great honor to help her clients do their work. And, when she's not coaching, you can find her laughing loudly with her family and friends. 

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